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The K-Hound Award was initiated by Dallas RBA Dan Driscoll as an informal honor for riders who accumulated at least 10,000km during a calendar year. Initially, only events on RUSA's calendar and RUSA permanents were counted. In later years, the set of qualifying rides was expanded to include PBP, other foreign randonnées. RUSA adopted the award in 2014.


  • RUSA members who accumulate at least 10,000km in qualifying rides during a calendar year.

What events qualify?

  • all events on RUSA's calendar.
  • all RUSA permanents, including RUSA sanctioned Super Randonnée permenants.
  • Paris-Brest-Paris and foreign RM-sanctioned events of 1200km or more. Documentation must be submitted for any foreign event not included in RUSA's database.
  • Riders using foreign 1,200km's are denoted with a *

How is the distance calculated?

  • The official ("advertised") distance of a brevet, populaire, or randonnée is used, even if the actual distance or cue sheet is somewhat longer.
  • For team rides, the minimum qualifying distance set by the RBA is used, even if the team went further.
Award applications are processed in the first quarter of the following calendar year. The deadline to apply is January 31.

Award and Recognition

RUSA congratulates the riders who earned the K-Hound Award.

There is no need to apply for the K-Hound award to be listed on the K-Hound page, but if you want to purchase a physical award please apply here

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