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RUSA: Membership Services

Membership Types, Terms, and Dues
Membership Benefits
Membership Policy

Membership ServicesOnline Form
  • join RUSA for the very first time
  • renew or extend a current RUSA membership
  • renew a lapsed RUSA membership
  • add/drop a household member
  • change address, telephone, or e-mail address
  • change club affiliation
  • correct the spelling of names or make a name change
  • correct/update data for household members (if household membership)
address change

Alternative Methods to Join/Renew

If you are unable to use the online form above, you may:

  • print the membership application [ PDF or text ] and send the completed form with your dues to the address indicated; or
  • copy and mail the membership application from a recent issue of American Randonneur.

Changes of Address

If you are unable to use the online form above, direct changes of address to the Membership Chairman.

Revision: February 14, 2016
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