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RUSA: Passings

We remember those riders who have motivated and inspired us.
NameRUSA #Hometown
Bailey, Robert2727St. Joseph, MO2011
Barbour, Steven H.353Columbus, OH
Boothby, Donald2391Seattle, WA
Bryan, John54Campobello, SC2009
Dean, Gregory Scott808Coppell, TX
Everett, Grover5234Taylorville, IL2012
Hameister, Steve2450Glacier, WA
Hands, Adrian1229Carrboro, NC
Holmes, David53Eldridge, IA2004
Jarkow, Marc2791The Villages, FL2011
Jensen, Franklin Clair3096Cedar City, UT
Jilka, Mark4430Manhattan, KS2014
Lee, Peter Wing Kong4001Brentwood, TN
Magyar, Robert Louis752Seattle, WA
Martin, Todd George3570Ft. Worth, TX
McSweeney, Anne Marie1169Bend, OR
Milton, Tom2664Fairfield, CA
Mitchell, Donald Eric5101Napa, CA
O'Neill, Matthew2797Chula Vista, CA2014
Paradis, William Bill3015N. Berwick, ME
Pham, Thai6464Arlington, VA2011
Sachnik, Mark Douglas "Allo"3773Richardson, TX
Schneider, Anne20Davis, CA2010
Stanton, Mark8565Black Hawk, CO2013
Swarzman, James5323Encino, CA
Taylor, Bruce1858Alta Loma, CA

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