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RUSA: Permanents

What is a Permanent? A Permanent is like a brevet but you can arrange to ride it any time, not just on one specific date established by the organizer. Like brevets, routes can start and finish in the same location, but they can also run point-to-point, and can be any distance of 200km+ (100-199km for a Permanent Populaire). You must be a RUSA member to ride a Permanent (or a member of another ACP-affiliated country organization.) A Permanent may be ridden alone or with a group.

Credit and Awards - Permanent rides in the US are validated by RUSA; therefore, they do not count toward any ACP awards nor do they serve as qualifiers for PBP or other foreign events, such as RM 1200k's. However, a Permanent counts toward RUSA's annual distance award and R-12 award. (Permanent Populaires count toward the RUSA P-12 award as well as toward RUSA's annual distance awards.) A Permanent may serve as a qualifier for a US-based 1200km randonnée or other event at the discretion of the event organizer. To learn more, see the Rules for Permanent Riders and go to the Permanents FAQ.

If you want to look for a Permanent to ride, use the Permanent Search.

Free-Route Permanents - A Free-Route Permanent is like a normal Permanent except that only the total creditable distance, the start and finish locations, and a number of intermediate controls are pre-defined; the exact route to be taken between controls is by agreement between the rider and organizer. Go to the Free-Route Permanents regulations to see how they are run.

Super Randonnée permanents - The ACP has a permanents program, known as Super Randonnees. See the ACP Super Randonnée page for information. Organizers of US Super Randonnees can opt to have those sanctioned by RUSA as well. Riders who complete Super Randonnees on RUSA-sanctioned routes using the "Randonneur" option (50 hour time limit) will have their results entered in the RUSA results database and the rides will count toward all RUSA awards that allow standard permanents to be used. (See the specific award pages for details). To find RUSA-sanctioned Super Randonnees, select the "SR600K" option for "Format" at the permanent search page or click here to perform the search.

If you think you might like to design and administer a Permanent route, look at the Rules For Permanent Route Owners.

Publicity and Ridership - Permanents are rides for individuals or small groups of riders, where the initiative is the rider's to propose a date to ride. Once a rider has obtained approval to ride on a certain date, he/she may publicize that fact with the owner's permission and invite others to apply to the owner for permission to ride at the same time, increasing the camaraderie. That means that the owner — as rider — may also publicize a date on which he/she is doing the ride, but may not publicize a date when he/she is not riding — in effect "calendaring" the ride as a quasi brevet.

Permanents Organizers Resources

  • Route Application Form in MS Word or PDF.
  • RUSA-sanctioned Permanent Brevet Card Master fill-in form pdf, or in MS Word.
  • RUSA-sanctioned Permanent Brevet Card Master, >10 controls MS Word.
  • RUSA-sanctioned Permanent Populaire Brevet Card Master.
  • Permanents and Permanents Populaire opening and closing times calculator.
  • Permanents Entry Form. This form is intended for organizers to download and edit as they wish, not for riders to use. You will need Microsoft Word to view and edit.
  • Submission page for Permanents and Permanents Populaire results.

Revision: December 16, 2015
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