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RUSA: Rider Stories

Below are some links to personal web sites containing stories and other information of interest. First-hand accounts of rides are sometimes quite valuable to the randonneur who is contemplating doing an event for the first time. The RUSA newsletter archive also has many ride reports.

Charles "Chip" Coldwell
2003 Paris-Brest-Paris Report, with pictures.
Boston 400 K Report from his 2003 qualifying series.
Boston 600 K Report from his 2003 qualifying series.
Max Poletto's 2003 Boston Brevet Reports
300 K Report
400 K Report
Jim Bradbury
Jim Bradbury's 2003 Paris-Brest-Paris
Jim Bradbury supplied us with one of his well written stories with pictures of the 2003 PBP.
Jim Bradbury's Gold Rush Memories
Jim Bradbury of San Francisco writes about the 2001 Gold Rush Randonnée.
Matthew Chachère
Riding Paris Brest Paris 1995, A Personal Memoir
Chris Wilby
Gold Rush Randonnée Report
Chris Wilby of the UK describes the 2001 Gold Rush Randonnée.
The Blayleys
John and Pamela share great PBP and BMB information and also excellent equipment tips for lighting and other things of interest to the randonneur.
Harriet Fell
One of the best write-ups of PBP ever.
Harriet rode PBP in 1975, when few Americans had even heard of PBP.
Kent Peterson
Kent Peterson is one of randonneuring's best writers and his ride reports are very good.
RUSA Blogs
RUSA Blogs is a privately-maintained collection of links to Randonneur blogs across the United States.

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